Youth programs

Empowerment Squared provides newcomer and marginalized youth with a diverse scope of programming that helps them to succeed in their academic and personal pursuits, build their confidence, and empower them to make safe and healthy decisions in their day to day life. All youth programs offered by Empowerment Squared are free of charge.

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Orientation: School Readiness Program

Empowerment Squared’s School Readiness Program is a series of activities to support students’ successful transition into the Canadian School System and reduce the feelings of isolation and anxiety associated with starting at a new school. The program is for newcomer students entering grades five through eight who have been in Canada for less than six months and are starting school in Canada for the first time. Activities will include the following: cultural literacy, introductory English language skills, peer mentorship, recreational activities, and social-emotional coping strategies.

Participant Ages: Grades 4-6 Lake Avenue PS students 

Program Dates: Wednesday February 22, 2023 to Wednesday, May 17, 2023 

  • Wednesdays 3:30 pm – 5 pm  (snacks will be provided)

Location: In-Person at Lake Avenue School, 157 Lake Ave N, Hamilton

Picture of volunteer assisting a student at an Empowerment Squared homework circle

Homework Circle

Empowerment Squared’s Homework Circle program supports newcomer youth from grades 1 to 12 and their families in building self confidence and school readiness for positive engagement in the education system. Our volunteers work with program participants to put them on pathways to access post-secondary education.

  • Tuesdays (Grades 6 – 8) – In Person at E2 East from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Wednesdays (Grades 9 – 12) – Online via Zoom from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm
  • Thursdays (Grade 1 – 5) – Online via Zoom from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm
Picture of school principal discussing a student's behaviour with the young kid and his parent

Student and Family Advocacy

The Student and Family Advocacy Program provides culturally relevant, community-based advocacy, information literacy, and system navigation for Black and newcomer students and families in Hamilton, including educational advocacy and mediation, and assistance in engaging with government agencies and systems.

On-going appointments available.

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Home alone safety

Empowerment Squared’s Home Alone Safety Program is a four session online program aimed at empowering youth to make decisions that will keep themselves and their siblings safe if they are facing a crisis. This course is based on the Home Alone Safety for Kids program developed by SOS 4 Kids! This course does not certify youth to babysit.

Participant Ages: 10-13


Picture of volunteer assisting a student at an Empowerment Squared homework circle

ELITE – Empowered Leaders in Training @ E2

Empowerment Squared is hosting a Youth Leadership Program running this summer for two weeks for students who have completed grades six through nine. Participants in the program will gain essential skills to take on leadership opportunities confidently. Youth will complete learning activities around communication, teamwork, advocacy, and problem-solving.

Participant Ages: Completed Grade 6, 7, 8, or 9

Program Dates: July 11, 2022 – July 22, 2022

  • 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (lunch and snacks will be provided)

Location: In-Person at Empowerment Squared East

Picture of a group of diverse young kids running after a soccer ball in a playground

Sports and Recreation (Soccer)

During the summer months, youth between the ages of six and 14 have an opportunity to practice their soccer skills alongside a facilitator and mentors three days a week. The program allows participants to build personal relationships with fellow youth and mentors while having fun and learning basic soccer skills. This program is being hosted by Empowerment Squared in partnership with Munar Learning Center.

Participant Ages: 6-14

Program Dates: July 11, 2022 – August 18, 2022

  • 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Location: In-Person at Corktown Park