Family Empowerment

What is Family Empowerment?

Building Families

Empowerment Squared family support programs empower parents, caregivers and adult allies to support their children and be active participants in the educational journey. These programs bring parents, children, caregivers and entire families together through the development of specific skills to build resilient families where children and youth feel supported. program facilitators and mentors support the delivery of formal and informal skill development that help families communicate better with their children and become engaged within their community.

Digital Literacy

Tools to Success

The Digital Literacy Program uses the power of digital literacy and inclusion to empower newcomer and marginalized parents, caregivers and adult allies to become more engaged in their children’s education and the school system. Through weekly training sessions and activities, facilitators explore the effectiveness of digital and computer literacy to empower newcomer parents, caregivers and adult allies understand the needs and challenges faced by their children as they enter the education system. Upon completion of the program, participants learn tangible ways of supporting their children in their educational activities, access important information through web platforms (school board websites, etc.), develop valuable parenting skills, improve their relationship with their children, learn to use and manipulate translation tools and learn to ensure their children’s safety in cyberspace.



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