Empowerment Programs

Empowerment Squared’s ground-breaking approach to youth empowerment and family support programs are transforming marginalized communities through leadership development, academic success and access to post-secondary education. Working with various community partners, academic institutions, school boards, hundreds of diverse mentors, we are determined to break the cycle of poverty through the development of educational pathways and building vibrant communities.

Educational Programming

Our Academic Mentoring Program supports marginalized, refugees and newcomer youth ranging from grades 2 through 12. It includes the Homework Circle, Academic Literacy, School Readiness, Day on Campus and Summer Literacy programs. The Academic Mentoring Program empowers students for academic success and access to postsecondary education through problem solving, one on one mentoring and tutoring, and goal setting.

Sports & Recreation

Our supervised sports and recreation programs include the Hamilton Downtown Sports League and Annual Community Cup Tournament. The program removes barriers that prevents marginalized youth and families from participating in meaningful sports and recreation activities for the development of healthy lifestyles. We use sports and recreation to develop constructive after-school activities for diverse groups of youth.


Our post-secondary awards and scholarships support newcomer and marginalized youth, adults and mentors who participate or have participated in Empowerment Squared’s programming to succeed in post-secondary education or a comparable continuing education course of study.