Professional Skills and Entrepreneurship

As part of our holistic support to newcomer and marginalized communities across the world, Empowerment Squared offers a diversity of tailored professional skills development and entrepreneurship programming streams to help aspiring and established professionals to advance their capabilities, support their families, grow their businesses and professional initiatives, and further contribute to society.

HOPE Development Program

Empowerment Squared, in partnership with the Mastercard Foundation, is implementing the Harnessing Opportunities to Promote Entrepreneurship (HOPE) Development Program to empower 75 economically and socially disadvantaged Liberians aged 18-35 through digital literacy, financial literacy, and basic entrepreneurship skills, and provide them with holistic psychosocial counselling and seed funds to experiment with self-employment. This program will directly feed into the business incubation and skills development platforms offered by the Liberian Learning Center.

For inquiries about the HOPE Development Program, please contact

Digital Literacy

Empowerment Squared’s free digital literacy programs are offered to newcomers and members of Black and marginalized communities to learn beginner and intermediate computer skills. Core curriculum components include internet searching skills, keyboarding skills, internet safety, email, and Microsoft Office, and other applications. Support is structured toward applied uses, including preparation for using technology in the workplace, and communication, engagement, and procuring information from entities such as school boards and government.

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Financial Literacy

Empowerment Squared’s financial literacy activities assist newcomers and members of Black and marginalized communities with financial advice and training in support of their personal and professional success. Topics include but are not limited to creating budgets, saving plans, financial health assessments, paying off debt, increasing income, and overall financial management.

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Pathways to employment

Empowerment Squared’s Pathways to Employment activities support job seekers from newcomers and members of Black and marginalized communities with a broad set of employment readiness activities, delivered as both individual coaching and support, and through group seminars. Topics include but are not limited to resume and portfolio building, interview skills and mock interviews, job search guidance, and preparation for success in the workplace. As part of an ecosystem of support in the Greater Hamilton Area, Empowerment Squared also connects participants with other service providers, community employment resources, mentors, and other stakeholders to best serve job seekers.

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Empowerment Squared’s Adult Sports and Recreation activities offer parents and adults an opportunity to stay active and develop healthy lifestyles, connect with new friends in the community, explore new social activities, and develop new skills.