Hamilton Education Law Program

The Hamilton Education Law Program (HELP) was a campaign run by Empowerment Squared in 2020 to empower students and families to meet challenges that one may encounter in the school system. HELP provided information and resources for navigating issues related to student discipline, special education, bullying & harassment, and the right to attend school. The majority of the information presented in this program remains current and is presented here for reference.

Your right to attend

Attending school in Hamilton: Your rights & responsibilities

Special Education

You have the right to access meaningful education


Getting back on track: dealing with suspensions


Secure your academic success: handling expulsions

online presentations

Anti-Black Racism in Schools
Understanding the Education System
Youth Advocates in Ontario’s Education System 
Attendance Rights This School Year
The Hamilton Education Law Program was funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario. This webpage gives general information about education in the Ontario public school system. Please speak to a lawyer or legal worker about specific questions. All information presented here is current as of October 2020.