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Empowerment Squared presents: Justice and Resilience with Mario Rigby

Jan 11, 2021 | Events, Homepage, News & Updates, Thought Leadership

Every event, experience, interaction in our lives propels us into new ways of thinking,
questioning, and knowing about ourselves, our world and those around us. Mario is one of
those guys who’s experiences of migrating from country to country as a young child, being an
elite track athlete for the national team, and a successful entrepreneur in one of the most
diverse cities in the world drove him to ask important questions about the profound ways that
connect us from every part of the world. To find the answers, he first found the courage to
leave the place of comfort and embark on the greatest journey of his life, a two-year journey of
crossing Africa on foot.

Mario joined Empowerment Squared on December 16, 2020 for a challenging, inspiring, and
intriguing conversation about his past and future exhibitions, the lessons that he has learned
along the way, and his commitment to using his platform to speak and support organization
and pressing social issues that effect our societies most marginalized communities.
Mario is the ultimate vison of what it means to push the advancement of humanity though
sustainable human-powered expeditions by promoting social and environmental justice
through storytelling.

Thank you to the 1,800 guests who joined us as we continue to learn and work together to
improve our local and international communities. At Empowerment Squared, we recognize that
together, with your help, and that of leaders like Mario Rigby we are a stronger force, better
equipped to continue creating the conditions to build stronger, welcoming, prosperous
communities where every child has the tools to thrive.

For those who missed the event or wish to share with friends and family, click below for a live
recording of the interview.