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All in for Change

Feb 28, 2018 | Events, News & Updates

February 25, 2018
11:00 am – 3:00 pm

AGH Design Annex
118 James Street North
Hamilton, ON L8R 2K8

Hosted by leading Hamilton artists Israel Crooks and stylo starr, All in for Change will be an interactive session where black youth will use art as a way of harnessing the power of visualization through vision boards and image creation. Each participant will create vision boards using photos, text and paint to envision how they see themselves in society. Several themes of the workshop will be conceptualized around the following premise: “I am black, beautiful and powerful. I am all in for change.”

This exciting workshop is appropriate for youth who have experience in art, as well as those who do not.

stylo starr discovered the power of creating from nothing at an early age, and has been doing so, since. A graduate of common art academia, stylo carries with her a style unlike any of her contemporaries; bold colours, thick lines, and clashing imagery create the stimulating visual tension that is the foundation of her aesthetic. stylo starr is a visual alchemist. Found imagery, collage, paint, photography and digital illustration are her primary tools. Her heart, and her experience as a Black Woman in Canada, her language.

Artist and educator Israel Crooks believes that art is arguably the most powerful vehicle of expression. His work is a blend of realism, with a touch of impressionism, and a hint of the abstract. His vision is to change the world through art, built upon three tenets:

1. Art heals the heart.
2. Art is vital to the health of a Nation.
3. Art can be used as a tool to bring community healing, restoration and development.

He hopes his work reflects the enmeshed duality of life, and stirs a strengthening of people’s hearts, and from there helps them to find their voice.