Adult programs

Empowerment Squared provides newcomer and marginalized adults and families with a diverse scope of programming that helps them to succeed in their professional and personal pursuits, build their confidence and familiarity with Canadian systems, and connect them with fellow community members. All adult programs offered by Empowerment Squared are free of charge.


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic we engaged with our stakeholders through assessments and learned that several families were experiencing partial to complete loss of income, impacting their ability to purchase basic necessities such as food, household supplies, and hygiene supplies. Another emerging need was the lack of access to technological devices for children and guardians to access and actively participate in remote learning.

Professional Skills & Entrepreneurship

Empowerment Squared offers a diversity of tailored professional skills development and entrepreneurship programming streams to help aspiring and established professionals to advance their capabilities, support their families, grow their businesses and professional initiatives, and further contribute to society.

Sports and Recreation

Empowerment Squared’s Adult Online Health and Fitness Program offers a diverse set of live activities led by trained facilitators designed to promote and empower individuals to pursue healthy lifestyles through engagement in meaningful physical activity, seminars on healthy nutrition within a cultural context, and practicing mindfulness.

Student and Family Support

The Student Navigation Program provides culturally relevant, community-based support, information literacy, and system navigation for Black and newcomer students and families in Hamilton, including educational navigation support and mediation, and assistance in engaging with government agencies and systems.