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Empowerment Squared 2021 Community Report

Jan 6, 2022 | News & Updates

Dr. Bonny Ibhawoh, Chair of Empowerment Squared’s Board of Directors, reflects on 2021 in our newly released community report.

Read the full report at:

“2021 was a challenging, yet promising year for Empowerment Squared. As COVID-19 restrictions eased, we embraced the limited opportunities for in-person interactions while continuing to maintain required protocols. Although most programs remained virtual, staff were able to partially return to the office. We renovated and moved into a new programming space. We hope to sustain these promising developments in 2022.

While the pandemic has been challenging for so many, I am incredibly proud of the leadership shown by staff, volunteers, participants, partners, and all members of the Empowerment Squared family who have shown admirable resilience and adaptability. Together, we continue to respond to the needs of our community, and to advance our organization’s mission. 2021 was a year of adaptation and consolidation. We adapted creatively to the new realities of serving our communities in the era of COVID-19 and we have consolidated on the progress made in past years. This assures that we will continue to have a positive impact on our community.

Please take the time to read our annual community report, which covers highlights and accomplishments of Empowerment Squared and its stakeholders.

Stay safe, and we look forward to continuing to build with you.”

In the interest of accountability and transparency to our stakeholders, every year we release a community report. Read the September 2020 – August 2021 community report at: