School Readiness Program






School Readiness Program (SRP)
School Readiness Program for Newcomer Youth is a unique school preparation program that helps newcomer students develop social and academic skills as they enter the Canadian school system for the first time. The program reaches out to newcomer students and targets areas such as classroom conduct, academic and social skills, and participation. Volunteers help students (grades 2 – 12) with academic literacy, numeracy, reading, speaking, writing skills, and maths.

Young Scholars Homework Circle 
The Young Scholars Program provides elementary school students with adequate mentoring and tutoring for academic success in preparation for high school and a pathway to accessing post secondary education. In Hamilton, like many parts of Canada, more and more students from newcomer and immigrant communities are often placed at grade levels based on age rather than their academic abilities due to age appropriate grade requirements. As a result, many students are often in grades much higher than their academic abilities. In the Young Scholars Program, we work with students in exploring opportunities for building self – confidence in order to identify the academic and social gaps affecting their ability to succeed in school. This enables us to engage students in an asset-based environment through the development of academic literacy as an overarching strategy for the development of learning pathways.


  • Tutors from McMaster University & Mohawk College
  • Tutoring in all subjects
  • Safe/friendly environment for developing different learning skills 
  • Help with College and University applications for high school students
  • Snacks provided 
  • Goal setting and problem solving 


Tuesdays & Thursdays: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm


182 Rebecca Street, Hamilton, ON L8R 1C1

The program is free of charge.