Post-Secondary Transition


A Day on Campus encourages high school students to pursue post-secondary transition through a tour of McMaster University and/or Mohawk College, and an in-class experience based on their academic interests. It also features workshops to help with the post-secondary process through workshops about admission, student financial aid and scholarship including application tips and choice of institutions. The goal of the program is to improve access to the post-secondary transition process among students from marginalized communities in Hamilton. Most research now show that skills shortages now and in the future will require prospective employees to have post-secondary credentials in order to be competitive, that is why focus on early intervention that gets students and their families thinking about their academic and professional life after high school – during their middle school years is critical. From our experience, these are crucial years where students from marginalized communities face major barriers and developmental instabilities, even though there is immense scarcity when it comes to intentional and meaningful support mechanisms for families during these years. In other words, many marginalized communities receive the least amount of support in terms of strategic sustainable community programs and other education support systems.

Empowerment Squared has a history of building meaningful community partnerships to engage and empower youth and students facing these barriers. True to this vision, the Hamilton community supports Empowerment Squared’s transformational work and commitment to creating educational pathways that leads to advancing post-secondary access among marginalized youth in Hamilton. We believe that lasting community change must come from within, and real help means giving marginalized communities the knowledge and tools to help themselves through academic success for their youth because each student’s success is instrumental in improving the prosperity of Hamilton. 

Campus trips are typically scheduled on Professional Development (PD) days to ensure that students do not miss school. To find out about the next trip, please contact us directly at or 905 529 4483 x223