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We believe that, together with your help, we can implement a response and change the situation in Liberia. With a minimum donation of $300 per individual from 1000 people, we will be able to fully complete the first phase of the Liberian Learning Center Project which includes construction and operation of the only public library and co – working space in the country.
Over the course of the next nine months, you can support the “Campaign for the Liberian Learning Center” through tax deductible donations in Canada and the US as we set out to impact the lives of over 130,000 people in Liberia. The Center will be a state-of-the-art multipurpose facility which will also house a co – working space for social innovation, business and social enterprise incubation center, maker space, desktop publishing center and a safe space for much needed educational support and after-school activities for girls who are often at risk of being raped in search of safe spaces to study and learn.

The Center will be a location, toolkit and a hub for activating new cross sector solutions for community innovation. The project will involve the construction of a multipurpose learning center including the first public library in the country and co – working space for social innovation and entrepreneurship. The idea of a hub or co – working space is based on important values of innovation: participation, sharing and open-mindedness. The Center will also provide a safe space and act as a resource to several local community-based organizations and initiatives, empowering them to provide necessary programs and services to the Liberian population. The project is deeply rooted in the concept of problem – solving through a multifaceted approach. For example, co-working platforms gathers independent community talents with shared values to explore synergies in a common equipped positive space.
To be located on a tract of land that has already been identified, donated and assessed, the center will house, equip, inaugurate and, for three years, train staff and provide operating funds for a wide range of programs that will engage, inspire and equip young girls, local entrepreneurs, communities and organizations. Cornerstone Community resources of the LLC will include access to educational support resources, internet and renewable energy sources/electricity, desktop publishing and graphics design, business development and entrepreneurial mentorship, dedicated IT facilities, Conference rooms, lounge, recreation centre, display space and general purpose public-used space. We are looking to create a very dynamic centre of growth and synergy of new ideas in Liberia.

The plans call for a facility and programs that will be self-sustaining after three years with a mixture of revenue generation activities including fee for services, government subsidies and foundational/corporate support.  The vision is sustainable and scalable; we can build on the success of the LLC as an adaptable model for other communities across the country and extend the benefits of the LLC throughout Liberia. There is also an expectation that the LLC will serve as a magnet for several development projects and business creation in and around its location in Paynesville.

Thank you for deciding to support the dream of access to educational resources and a safe space for community innovation for thousands in Liberia. To make a single gift via debit or credit card, please click here. To set up a regular ongoing donation or make a pledge, please download this donation form and return it via regular mail or contact us to set up an arrangement over the telephone or by email.
For information about other ways of giving to Empowerment Squared, including giving from overseas, please contact us directly.
Thank you in advance for your support.