P:201212019SDliberia130128 interior1 (1)The sustainability plan calls for a strategy that is anchored in the Liberian Government long term plans and a number of significant revenue streams. First, there are so few undamaged event venues and facilities in Liberia that rental space is prohibitively expensive and scarce. The Liberian Learning Center will provide much-needed spaces for community use, but also for paying customers. Second, the center will become the first major large scale dedicated multimedia, print and graphics production center in post war Liberia to alleviate the current scarcity in Liberia that has resulted in major productions being completed out of country at a cost three times higher.

Additional revenue generation strategies include fee for services, membership fees, merchandizing of supplies, space rentals, government subsidies and foundational/corporate support.  Membership fees, rental fees for events, fees for co-working spaces in the innovation hub, services, product sales and government contribution through a public/private partnership will be the main revenue streams for the Liberian Learning Center. These streams of revenue will contribute to offsetting a portion of the costs in the annual operating budget. Additionally, fees for hosting major conferences at the community center will provide a significant stream of revenue since it will be the only one of its standard in the country.

There is also an expectation that the center will serve as a magnet for several development projects and business creation in and around its location in Paynesville. These three variables were carefully considered when assessing the potential for revenue generation: demand, revenue and cost to deliver quality services.

The Liberian Learning Center is designed to create a lasting impact and sustainable legacy. The core values for the project, established and ratified by all partners involved, are:

  •  To create a facility that reflects Liberian cultural and educational priorities
  •  Building a sustainable project that engages and develops Liberian talent in the short and long term
  •  Develop and manage the center to become a model to be copied across Liberia and elsewhere as appropriate

Each value can be distilled to a simple, irreplaceable concept – sustainability. The architectural design has been created to emphasize up to 80% environmentally-responsible construction materials to be acquired locally. It incorporates a plan to develop the human capital required to manage and operate the center over the long term. The first three years of operating costs for the LLC are incorporated into the initial project budget as a period of knowledge transfer and exchange.