Edited2Many partners involved have come together in a collaborative effort in and out of Liberia to ensure that this is a genuine community approach ensuring the transfer and exchange of knowledge throughout the design and implementation. With that kind of assignment comes confidence in the quality of each element coupled with the ability to deliver and sustain impact on communities. There are multiple partners on two continents involved in planning, funding and implementing this initiative, all working under the leadership of the project and Empowerment Squared board of directors.

McCallum Sather Architects/Making Sustainable Architecture has designed the Liberian Learning Center project according to triple-bottom-line principles to be a three-phased project that will allow for a prudent, staged pace of construction and program implementation that moves in pace with available funds. This is also a strategic component of our risk management strategy as we learn important lessons through the various phases.
Phase One: The 3,600 square foot library, foyer, co – working area, storage, washrooms and janitorial space, all arranged around an intimate courtyard with connections to outdoor green space.
Phase Two: Conference Center, reading and study rooms, research center and common rooms – a total of 3,300 square feet – that encloses the courtyard.
Phase Three: An 8,700 square foot recreation center incorporating strong outdoor facilities and complete with its own equipment storage, change rooms, washrooms and janitorial space.

Paynesville City Corporation, Liberia
The Paynesville City Corporation is a key long term partner fully engaged in the project design and implementation as well as providing the local human resource capacity on an ongoing basis. Thanks to our strong partnership and the leadership from the city, the land has already been identified and donated consistent with long term project goals and outcomes.


  • McMaster University
  • Rotary Club of Downtown Hamilton
  • Rotary Club of Monrovia
  • Dundas Valley Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Youth Crime Watch of Liberia (YCWL)