Get Involved


Our success at Empowerment Squared depends on the support of our many volunteers, donors, partners and friends in the community.

Become a Donor
The 100 for 100 Campaign seeks at least 100 donors every year who are able to donate $100 annually in support of Empowerment Squared’s projects and programs in Canada. As a result, we are committed to making a difference in the lives of at least 100 less privileged youth every year through academic mentoring, leadership development, and access to sports and recreation opportunities. Learn more about the campaign; For $100 Campaign donation form

The Liberian Learning Center Campaign
This ground breaking initiative will be the first of its kind in Liberia and will house the first public library in the entire country in additional to providing safe space for alternative education and literacy. It will also serve as a community hub providing an indoor recreation facility, conference center and a state of the art desktop publishing facility and skill development platform. We are working with our partners to ensure the process of knowledge transfer and exchange as well as revenue generation to ensure sustainability. Learn More!

Become an Ambassador
Empowerment Squared’s Community Ambassador position provides a unique opportunity for individuals despite their location. This position provides a great opportunity for individuals to connect their networks and communities with Empowerment Squared. As self-initiators, Community Ambassadors take on initiatives consistent with their capacity. For instance, organizing fundraisers, raising awareness, or participating in Empowerment Squared campaigns are all ways in which to become an Ambassador.

Volunteer Opportunities
There are always opportunities to join the team by volunteering in any one of our initiatives; Homework Circle, Academic Mentoring, sports & recreation and/or the campaign for the Liberian Learning Center.

Not decided yet?
If you are not sure yet of how you would like to be involved, you can contact us through our ‘Contact’ form on the navigation bar or follow us on social media through the links on the bottom of the page.